If Her Walls Could Talk, Pt 1


Do you remember what it was like to be an innocent child, soaking up the world of information around you like a sponge? What was going through your mind? You may find that you can relate fairly well to young Lailah Turner. In If Her Walls Could Talk, Pt 1, Lailah takes a stroll down memory lane, sharing some of her most shameful, life-shaping experiences an average adolescent could imagine. Curiosity gets the best of her as she struggles, makes mistakes and irrevocable decisions; and just when she feels she is getting her life on track, the unexpected happens! What will this rebellious-as-all-hell, promiscuous, and surprisingly sneaky teen do when she arrives at one of the biggest crossroads of her life?


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Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 in


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