Hey there everyone!!! I hope you all are doing good on this lovely Sunday! I had some small stuff to get off my mind, and what better way than to write it all down and be willing to share. I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately and seeking ways to make myself better. Not for others, but for myself. I am a woman who self-reflects a lot and assess myself because we all know that no one is perfect, however, we can make progress and elevate ourselves to becoming a better “us”. Last night, I had the pleasure of attending An Evening with Iyanla Vanzant where she was promoting her new book, “Get Over It: Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff”, in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. Other than the women behind me that talked nearly through the ENTIRE event, I enjoyed myself. I took away some awesome advice and I truly loved her delivery. Seeing her live and listening to her, further confirmed that everything that I am working towards will not go in vain. I am not stuck in my past and playing victim to any of my circumstances. I didn’t get the opportunity to purchase her new book at the event, however, I went to iTunes and bought it. I can’t wait to sit down to read it and apply any useful techniques to getting over things that have become an obstacle in my life.

Speaking of obstacles, I have a few that have come my way of completing my upcoming books! As I mentioned, I like to self-reflect. During some self-reflection, I discovered that I had to make some improvements to my writing. I published my first book last year March and I received some great feedback from some of my readers. While I appreciate the feedback, I happen to be my worse critic. I am very particular and critical when it comes to something that I share with the world! For “If Her Walls Could Talk” to be my first book, I feel that I did a good job. There is always room for improvement and that’s just what I am looking to do with the follow-up book, “If Her Walls Could Talk, Part Two”. I want readers to really get to know Lailah, the main character, and feel what she was feeling. I want readers to feel what others surrounding Lailah were feeling. I want to show better than tell! I have taken the initiative to sharpen my craft and I set a goal to release my second book by July 2018. My plan was for the book to be completed by last year, but you know how it goes…we plan for stuff and then life happens. Delays are not denials in my life and when I started this journey of writing, I made my motto, “Always striving to give readers a ‘Good Read’”. I stand by that and before we know it, I may be one to tour different cities and getting to know my readers and supporters. My friend who I attended the event with stated, “You will!” and guess what…I believe her!!
Take care, everyone!

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