Girl…You’re Doing Too Much!!

Love will make you do some crazy things…I get it…but when do you realize that you are doing too much? What’s doing too much you ask? Well, let me give you a few examples that I came up with. Before I get to those examples, I wanted to point out that I was highly inspired to elaborate on this topic due to the things that I have witnessed and even experienced personally. I see a lot of videos and reality TV shows that demonstrate different levels of ‘doing too much’. Some gloat at this type of stuff and I sit back and ask ‘why’? Yes, for every action, there is a reaction and I am by no means judging you and your actions…I’m just saying, you may be doing too much! It may be easier to leave!

Now the severity of each level I describe can be determined by you! I don’t think one is better than the other or one doesn’t make a certain type of woman better than the other. You’re just doing too much if you do any of the following:

Checking his phone: If you go looking for something, you are damn sure bound to find it! Looking through his phone doesn’t always prove that he is not doing right by you. If he has enough energy to go out and disrespect your relationship, you better believe he is putting the energy into erasing his call logs and texts. Not every guy does a good job at this which is how they get caught up. If you’re laying up with him without a condom, you trust him…think about it!

Bleaching his clothes: I never understood the reason behind this and I’ve experienced the ultimate betrayal in a relationship but never found it in my heart to bleach the man’s clothes. I want help understanding the pleasure in this. It will NEVER take away what was done to prompt you to decide to bleach his clothes. Where the foolishness comes in is when you take his ass back and are buying him new clothes. Your feelings are not material so why go after his material possessions? Trust me, his KARMA is coming and it doesn’t have to come from you! Wouldn’t it be easier to leave him alone?

Busting Windows Out of His Car: This one gets me going! Why must we do this? This fool can easily call the police and file charges for damage to personal property. Why do this to yourself?  Or better yet, he gets the window fixed and back at your house the next damn day. You’re doing too much! It would be easier to leave his ass alone. Right?

Inboxing the Girl Who Likes His Pictures: Are you one to inbox another woman just because she likes too many of his pictures? Or she is a little too ‘friendly’ although it’s no secret that you’re his woman? Well, it’s for him to check that in. Don’t you know it gives another woman nothing but a pleasure to see that she has pissed you off when it comes to your man? Inboxing her can cause an unnecessary virtual war! If he values your relationship and you as a woman, he will address the situation and won’t need you to co-sign. Your feelings will matter to him way more than hers!

Calling the Other Woman: This is one that I have done in the past and it has happened to me recently. That shit got me NOWHERE when I did it!! The amount of time I spent on the phone with the ‘other woman’ could have been put towards leaving. If the ‘other woman’ is fully aware of you and everything about you, she gives no “F’s” and she deserves to be with the sorry piece of shit. Now, there are women who don’t know about the woman at home and by you calling, you get some information from her but yet, you still don’t leave this fool alone. This is when you’re doing too much! When he messes up and you find out, it is for you and him to discuss and work through (or not)…don’t call that other woman. Hell, she may lie and say nothing is going on just because she is okay with being his ‘side chick’. It’s okay to leave him alone!

I am sure there are plenty more of ‘doing too much’ scenarios. What are some that you’ve or someone you know experienced? Please leave a comment!! 

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