Don’t Become a Dead Rodent! (Keep reading…trust me)

So, the other day I saw a dead animal (I never figured out what it was) in my backyard and it is not the first one. So, these animals just decide to give up on life right in my backyard huh? I say to myself, and then it got me thinking. It was funny in a sense to me, because I feel that individuals sometimes, stop in their tracks and give up on their dreams and aspirations versus pushing further or avoiding “eating the bait” that has been “set” for them. Now, I am sure you’re wondering, “How the hell is she relating rodents (or whatever it was) dying in her yard, to humans giving up on their dreams?” Well, think about the traps that we as humans fall into and stop our journey. There are poisonous people and dream killers surrounding us every day. There are people who don’t want to see you succeed and make it to the next level. How about you set some traps and get rid of them! BE GONE!!! I said that in my Martin voice. These individuals need to be in their own world because mine just ain’t for them!

If there is something that you are striving for, don’t allow distractions or the challenge of that something, come in your way. Nothing we do comes easy and there are times when you may have to go to the left, down two blocks and then back again, just to get to what you thought was right in front of you. Giving up is easy! It’s very easy…but is that what you truly want? Don’t allow what “looks good” to distract you from the intended goal(s). Leave that “bait” right where it is! Hop, skip or jump over it. Don’t become a dead rodent!

8 Thoughts to “Don’t Become a Dead Rodent! (Keep reading…trust me)”

  1. Sequoyah Tomlinson

    I like this. This is sod close to the truth. People will never prosper if they just give up. I have had my share of giving up and this time around I wanted to be that dead rodent, but I changed that mind frame and now I am ready to conquer my dream

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, Sequoyah..I also like this. I need to read this everyday. It is quite easy to give up. Sometime the sacrifices are the most stuggles, until you are at the finish line. I think about giving up all the time, but then I look at the sacrifices I’m making to get to where I want to be. I would like to thank my advisor for for keeping us encouraged with this blog….😊😊😊

      1. Thank you for taking the time to read it! I am glad that I had my students in mind when I wrote it!

  2. Kimberly

    I started my journey and did not stop because there is a lot on my plate and I plan on cleaning it up. I have no choice but to succeed in my career or goal. I have a granddaughter that keeps me busy so I cant stop now . It is just the beginning of time for me. The only thing I say is to stay focus on the task until it is over.

  3. Kimberly Story

    Stay focus and not give up because life is too short.

  4. Ernesto

    I needed this!!!!!!

  5. Crystal Sanfod

    Absolutely needed this at this time. Matter of fact, today i felt like slacking or giving up because i work third shift and I just want to sleep. Thankfully, I have people in my corner and a son who looks up to me. That is the reason I am still going even after being dismissed from the BSN program from a university. All, because I was a few percent off the passing rate. Boy, did I feel like a failure! I felt like I wasted plenty of time and money. So i often find myself saying why am I still trying, but then there are things like this that remind me to pick myself up and keep going!

    1. You are definitely not a failure! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post!

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