Knowing How to Cook Doesn’t Mean Open a Restaurant

There are some very talented individuals out there I swear! Often times when one has a great talent, they are told, “You should start your own business!”. Well…while it sounds nice, every talented person does not hold the key to running a successful business. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Let me repeat that…ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! I always say “just because one knows how to cook really good doesn’t mean they should go and open a restaurant!” Think about it…attitude is everything and if you’re looking to not only make money but a profit and grow, you have to know what you’re doing AND how to conduct yourself accordingly. You have to know that there is much more to running a business than your talent alone. There is always room for growth and improvement in any and everything that we do. While I don’t have all of the answers, I do want to take a moment to point out some important things to consider when looking to taking a talent to the next level:

1. Ensure your talent is truly business worthy: We have to think about the place that we live. Is there a market for the talent that you have? Are you going to get the support that you need for your business to be successful? Do you develop quality work? Let’s say you’re a party planner…are you in a city/state where people have the financial means to support your business and refer you to others where you can grow and be one of the most respected party planners in that city? Do people even use party planners in your city/state or would they rather take matters into their own hands and save money? Is this an opportunity to take your talents elsewhere?
2. Make your business credible: It is always the smart road to have a legitimate business. A business that a person can do their research on and learn more about you. One where you are held legally liable for the product or service(s) that you provide. Developing a business name. Be creative but not outrageous…remember you want consumers to take you serious! I am a huge advocate of email addresses matching the business name versus or Yes, Gmail and Yahoo are free but ultimately it looks better to have your business name at the end of your email address (mine is, which also matches my website). I feel much more legitimate, but that’s me. Whatever works for you is what works for you…it’s just a suggestion.
3. Learn how to properly market yourself: Marketing is one of the most challenging components of owning and operating a business. Who is your targeted audience? What’s “in” at the time? Facebook is a great outlet to promote your business but there are other ways/social media sites to market your business! What radio stations do listeners tune into more? What TV stations will show an ad for your business and catch the right audience’s attention? You don’t have to have a degree in marketing to figure things out for yourself.  There are tons of resources available to assist you in properly marketing your business. You just have to do the work or hire a company that will do the marketing for you! It will cost, but they’re the experts and can take your business to the next level. Create a website or have a professional create one for you and don’t forget your business cards!
4. Network: Networking with others is a great outlet to get your business out there. The more people who know about your business, the better (and that’s if you’re a good person to conduct business with)! You can learn from others and guess what…they can learn from you too!! Don’t be shy…I promise it’s okay to be proud of your talent/service(s). Always have your business cards on hand to give out and be ready to collect others’ card for any future needs that you may have!
5. Open up a separate bank account: This is where a lot of people mess themselves up! Keep your money separate, especially if you have a “side hustle” in addition to a regular 9-5. You’ll be able to track your spending and earnings much better by separating business from personal. Within your business account, only spend on business matters! It is very easy to dip into that money and spend it on something that has nothing to do with your business so you’ll have to develop some discipline.
6. Have exceptional Customer Service skills: I cannot stress enough how I cannot stand business owners who feel that they can treat those who solicit their services just any kind of way. This is not to confuse that consumers should show respect as well, but let’s be clear…you can’t expect people to refer your business if you treat them like crap. Referrals are the best compliment that a consumer can give you! Just because you are the at whatever it is, doesn’t mean it is okay to not return phone calls, emails or texts. Be sure to always follow up and stand on your word as a business owner. Just like they found you, they can find someone else who does the same thing and perhaps better! People are more loyal to great service versus products! Don’t have your customers wondering when they are going to get their product(s)/service(s) from you. You should stay one step ahead and be consistent! Be apologetic when you’re in the wrong…you’re likely to have a delay and you must hold yourself accountable and make things right so that you don’t lose a good customer.

There are of course many other factors that contribute to owning a business while displaying your great talent. I was highly inspired to put this together because I have dealt with a lot of individuals who have great talents, but they lacked one or more of the items listed above and then some. What are some things that you look for when dealing with a small business owner who has great talent, but you rather not deal with them on a business level? Leave a comment below!!

Don’t Become a Dead Rodent! (Keep reading…trust me)

So, the other day I saw a dead animal (I never figured out what it was) in my backyard and it is not the first one. So, these animals just decide to give up on life right in my backyard huh? I say to myself, and then it got me thinking. It was funny in a sense to me, because I feel that individuals sometimes, stop in their tracks and give up on their dreams and aspirations versus pushing further or avoiding “eating the bait” that has been “set” for them. Now, I am sure you’re wondering, “How the hell is she relating rodents (or whatever it was) dying in her yard, to humans giving up on their dreams?” Well, think about the traps that we as humans fall into and stop our journey. There are poisonous people and dream killers surrounding us every day. There are people who don’t want to see you succeed and make it to the next level. How about you set some traps and get rid of them! BE GONE!!! I said that in my Martin voice. These individuals need to be in their own world because mine just ain’t for them!

If there is something that you are striving for, don’t allow distractions or the challenge of that something, come in your way. Nothing we do comes easy and there are times when you may have to go to the left, down two blocks and then back again, just to get to what you thought was right in front of you. Giving up is easy! It’s very easy…but is that what you truly want? Don’t allow what “looks good” to distract you from the intended goal(s). Leave that “bait” right where it is! Hop, skip or jump over it. Don’t become a dead rodent!

Do You REALLY Want to Know?

Do You REALLY Want to Know?

I have found that relationships can be one of the most challenging things to experience. I have also found that life without challenges would probably be quite boring. While building a relationship with someone, we have our requirements and two of the most important requirements for a healthy relationship in my opinion are trust and honesty. Without those two components, you damn near need to be single. I know…I know…there are more things that contributes to a healthy relationship, but besides money… trust and honesty will end a relationship or cause some major issues/challenges along the way.

If your significant other makes the decision to be dishonest or unfaithful in the relationship, do you really want to know what they have done? I know of individuals who have made it VERY clear that they do not want to know if their significant other is doing something he/she shouldn’t be doing. I have learned to agree to disagree with that because I want to know! Now, I am not saying that I want to know which leg was up, how many strokes were made or what not. I am not even saying that I want to know so that I can kick both of their asses! I would want to know what I am dealing with and to make the choice to deal with it or not. Don’t take my choice from me! Some people are okay and have developed “open relationships”, but I ain’t talking about them right now! I would want to know because it truly shows me what type of value is placed into the relationship.

My curiosity comes in for those who want to know every detail of the experience. What was done, how it was done, what was the reaction from the person, how long did it take, was it better? What does one do with that information? I need some understanding! What would be your reason for not wanting to know? What’s your reason for wanting to know?

Please comment…this should be interesting!


New Novel Coming Your Way!

In December of 2015, I was approached by a man who was starting his own publishing company. I told him that I had thoughts of writing a book, but was nervous. He told me “Don’t be nervous. You’ll do just fine”. We worked together for a few months, but his health was on the line. I had to figure something out and quickly! I took it upon myself to Self-Publish my first book. I must say, it was one of the best decisions that I could have made. I had high expectations for myself and I have met each of them. From start to finish, I have enjoyed this journey! I connected myself with a great Illustrator and Editor (Hey Pam & Courtney!) who I plan to work with for each of my projects. Working with people, versus against them is what my business is all about.

If Her Walls Could Talk – Part 1, was written in a little under a year. I went back and forth about where the story would go. Adding this…removing that…writing was a little more than I bargained for. As I got closer to the end, I knew that I couldn’t stop at just one book. I had to make it into a sequel. I have written about 11,000 words thus far for the sequel and it’s getting juicer and juicer as I go!

If Her Walls Could Talk, Pt 1 is now available on several sites, including my secured personal website (click on “Shop” to order directly from Eva Vernae’). Amazon and Barnes & Noble are two of the biggest companies/websites where my book will be available. I am working towards having it available on iBooks for my Apple users as well as Amazon Kindle version.

I thank you in advance for your support. As you read the novel, it is my hope that you find ways to relate, laugh, drop your mouth in shock, tear up – all of that! Remember that I am always striving to bring you a “good read”!

Check back next week for my new blog topic: The Enabler! This should be an interesting one! Bye for now

Too Independent???

Are you too independent? Is there a such thing?

Not too long ago, I was told by a man that he only had ‘one thing’ to offer me because I’m too independent. Sad isn’t it? Did that say more about me or more about him? Hell…I thought to myself Why would he think he only has one thing to offer me? Well, let me start from the beginning. I am a pretty established young lady who has an honest job, vehicle, lives on her own, pays her own bills, two Master degrees, operates a few side businesses, and appears to pretty much have her shit in order…mind you I said ‘pretty much’. Well, I guess those things would constitute as being ‘independent’ right? I am independent by default! Being the single ass woman that I am for the last ten years, I had no choice but to work my tail off to get what I have. This is not to down-talk any woman (or man) in a relationship/marriage who considers herself/himself independent. I strongly believe in individuals being self-sufficient (man or woman) should something occur in their relationship that separates the two of them or causes for one to step up in a temporary matter. This ain’t about yall right now though because I am sure your mate is not telling you that they only have one thing to offer! LBVS!

Continuing on…I came across this guy and I wasn’t looking to date him or anything close to dating in fact. We just started having some in depth conversations. Throughout one conversation, he made the indication of being interested in me, but he only had one thing to offer. I guess I can’t knock him for being honest because he could have played with my mind, and/or made me feel like he was “the one”, but he kept it real with me and I had to respect him for that. What I couldn’t respect was him downplaying himself as a man who I felt was fully capable of doing other things besides giving me the “D”. I asked, “What makes you think that you can only offer sex to me?”. His response was, “You’ve got your degrees, you have your own money, own crib, drive a newer vehicle, and you just too independent. There’s nothing I can do for you”. I told him that was some bull-shit. It definitely said more about him than me considering that I feel like I do what I am supposed to do as an adult. I definitely will not downplay my abilities and accomplishments to make a man feel superior or needed. Not gonna happen! My response to him was, “Well, there are things that I would love to do with a man beside screwing him! You know there’s outings, trips out of town, building a family together, supporting each other’s endeavors, hanging a picture on the wall, mowing the lawn, cuddle, scratch my back, hell the list can go on”. I started to question does this run a man off or is this just a case of a man displaying that he has low self-esteem? Hell, women are not the only ones who can carry low self-esteem contrary to how society makes us feel that way.

I wouldn’t consider myself ‘too independent’. I am not too independent to split my bills with an able-bodied man who is willing to learn who I am, what I am about, respect me and allow me to do the same for him. I am not too independent to allow a man to take care of the home…I’m really me! LOL! I am not quite sure what I wish he would have said, but it’s obviously something within him that he doesn’t feel too good about since he outright admitted to his lack of ability to meet my needs beyond sex (sex that he wasn’t getting in the first place…just sayin’). Perhaps that’s all he wanted in the first place? Definitely not for me if you can’t embrace/respect my grind and ambition. Relationships where one lacks more than the other and makes them feel as if it’s a bad thing or guilty for it never work anyhow!

Comments welcomed.

Going Through a Storm

I was taught in church a while back that we are either in a storm, coming out of one, or about to enter one. I truly believe this statement! I really do. I find myself telling quite a few people that they are just going through a storm but it won’t last for long.

My daytime job consists of helping others in a capacity that I never imagined. The things that I hear from others and the situations that they are experiencing or have experienced just blows my mind sometimes. There are times when I am shedding tears with these individuals! When you hear of another person’s situation, it can make you think, ‘Hell, my situation ain’t that bad’. I know I have said that to myself on several occasions. I have to be thankful for my issues and whether you want to admit it or not, we all have them! We need to truly humble ourselves and realize there are some things that we are not exempt from.

If you are one who is going through a storm right now and it’s got you down, hold your head up and get yourself together. It is going to be okay! Are sitting around beating yourself up about something that you have gotten yourself into? What steps are you taking to get through? Are you utilizing your resources? Are you hitting those up who said that you can call them for anything? Put that pride to the side and stop hiding behind shame. That’s all I’ve got for this week folks

Girl…You Doing Too Much!

Girl…You’re Doing Too Much!!

Love will make you do some crazy things…I get it…but when do you realize that you are doing too much? What’s doing too much you ask? Well, let me give you a few examples that I came up with. Before I get to those examples, I wanted to point out that I was highly inspired to elaborate on this topic due to the things that I have witnessed and even experienced personally. I see a lot of videos and reality TV shows that demonstrate different levels of ‘doing too much’. Some gloat at this type of stuff and I sit back and ask ‘why’? Yes, for every action, there is a reaction and I am by no means judging you and your actions…I’m just saying, you may be doing too much! It may be easier to leave!

Now the severity of each level I describe can be determined by you! I don’t think one is better than the other or one doesn’t make a certain type of woman better than the other. You’re just doing too much if you do any of the following:

Checking his phone: If you go looking for something, you are damn sure bound to find it! Looking through his phone doesn’t always prove that he is not doing right by you. If he has enough energy to go out and disrespect your relationship, you better believe he is putting the energy into erasing his call logs and texts. Not every guy does a good job at this which is how they get caught up. If you’re laying up with him without a condom, you trust him…think about it!

Bleaching his clothes: I never understood the reason behind this and I’ve experienced the ultimate betrayal in a relationship but never found it in my heart to bleach the man’s clothes. I want help understanding the pleasure in this. It will NEVER take away what was done to prompt you to decide to bleach his clothes. Where the foolishness comes in is when you take his ass back and are buying him new clothes. Your feelings are not material so why go after his material possessions? Trust me, his KARMA is coming and it doesn’t have to come from you! Wouldn’t it be easier to leave him alone?

Busting Windows Out of His Car: This one gets me going! Why must we do this? This fool can easily call the police and file charges for damage to personal property. Why do this to yourself?  Or better yet, he gets the window fixed and back at your house the next damn day. You’re doing too much! It would be easier to leave his ass alone. Right?

Inboxing the Girl Who Likes His Pictures: Are you one to inbox another woman just because she likes too many of his pictures? Or she is a little too ‘friendly’ although it’s no secret that you’re his woman? Well, it’s for him to check that in. Don’t you know it gives another woman nothing but a pleasure to see that she has pissed you off when it comes to your man? Inboxing her can cause an unnecessary virtual war! If he values your relationship and you as a woman, he will address the situation and won’t need you to co-sign. Your feelings will matter to him way more than hers!

Calling the Other Woman: This is one that I have done in the past and it has happened to me recently. That shit got me NOWHERE when I did it!! The amount of time I spent on the phone with the ‘other woman’ could have been put towards leaving. If the ‘other woman’ is fully aware of you and everything about you, she gives no “F’s” and she deserves to be with the sorry piece of shit. Now, there are women who don’t know about the woman at home and by you calling, you get some information from her but yet, you still don’t leave this fool alone. This is when you’re doing too much! When he messes up and you find out, it is for you and him to discuss and work through (or not)…don’t call that other woman. Hell, she may lie and say nothing is going on just because she is okay with being his ‘side chick’. It’s okay to leave him alone!

I am sure there are plenty more of ‘doing too much’ scenarios. What are some that you’ve or someone you know experienced? Please leave a comment!!