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~Eva Vernae'~

Eva Vernae' was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She recently took a leap of faith and decided to pursue writing. Her writing consists of fiction and self-help. Writing books is just part of what Eva does! She has also decided to start her very own blog that consists of a variety of topics ranging from love, family, personal issues, and work.

Eva Vernae' has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and two Master of Science degrees (Management and Leadership). She is a mother, great friend and enjoys having a good time. Besides writing, she enjoys canvas painting, roller skating and being the life of the party! She has a strong belief in doing what you want and have to do in order to be successful.

Eva Vernae' has taken the steps to become an Indie Author (Independent) who adheres to her own standards, expectations and rules. Her relationship building skills are phenomenal and she ensures that whoever she collaborates with understands that she works with them versus against them.  What can you expect from Eva Vernae'? Well, she is bold, witty, and straight-forward and this will be displayed in her writing. You'll enjoy her conversational style that resonates with her reader from near and far!

Remember to check out her blog/posts as new topics will be posted every other week! Who knows...she has so much on her mind, she may post a weekly blog!