"Writing is therapeutic for me and it is time that I allow my words to be shared with the world. Starting at a young age, I wrote poetry, award-winning essays, and school newspaper articles. I put writing off to the side to pursue other dreams and aspirations, but in reality, the passion was always there, along with fear. The fear of acceptance and understanding of my inner thoughts, creativity, feelings or emotions. No longer does that take precedence over my desires to express myself in a manner that I can only hope resonates with others. I take great pride in anything that I do and I strive to give readers a "good read" each and every time."


Eva Vernae' has released her first novel ever and it is now available for purchase! If Her Walls Could Talk, Pt 1, will definitely give readers something to talk about. Realistic events take place, which will provide insight to readers' own personal situations and relationships with others. Even if you personally have not experienced the same life events that the main character, Lailah, does - for certain you know someone who has!

If Her Walls Could Talk, Part 2 is in the works and will published late 2017! Pre-publication copies will be available for purchase soon! Stay tuned!

Don't forget to check back regularly for updates and Eva Vernae's Blog! She's got some HOT TOPICS in mind and cannot wait to share them!



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